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Reasha’s Work Experience

Every so often we’re joined by someone on a work experience placement, we always ask them to write a blog about what they’ve been up to ……

Why do we do work experience?

To get a full idea of the working world and experience a work place environment: I think this week (all 4 days of it) I have definitely
achieved that goal.

My name’s Reasha and Toot Sweets is where I am doing my work experience.  To be quite honest with you, I hadn’t been in
the Shrewsbury Market Hall since I was… 7 but this week I’ve been honoured to work within its midst. I’ve always loved sweets and chocolate, I mean who doesn’t, so naturally it’s been a delight to be around them, package them with cute curled
ribbons and even make the ridiculously professional chocolates that are displayed in the counter.

I always believed sweets to be, just that, sweets: but when you really look into it you find that there are just so many traditions and
stories behind them. Everyone has one kind of sweet they were never allowed as a child or spent their pocket money on every day after school: to listen to the tales is just wonderful.

I’ve discovered so much about the delicious chocolates they sell in Toot Sweets. It’s just incredible how much we take chocolate for
granted; it’s got such a beautiful taste, aroma, ‘snap’. Working in Toot Sweets, even for this short amount of time, has really opened my eyes to the opportunities and wonders of the profession: it’s been a real once in a lifetime experience so
for that, Julia, thank you.

I don’t want to finish on a cliché but I think I’ll have to: if you’re ever around Shrewsbury and you fancy a more than sweet treat, pop in
to Toot Sweets. It really is a fantasy.

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