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Scrumptious Christmas Gifts

Wow this year’s nearly over! Which means 1 thing for all of us…..Christmas is just round the corner woohoooo? We love Christmas; the lights decorations and of course meeting up with friends makes Christmas the best time of year. It also means we have to get our acts together and go Christmas shopping, and we can’t just buy things for ourselves…..boo!

We’ve got a fantastic range of presents from mini stocking fillers to huge bumper boxes of scrumptiousness. Below is our Top 10 Gifts available from our Shop in Shrewsbury and online…..we get slightly peckish writing these blogs hehehe

1)      Mega Lolly Pop gift bags- fantastic stocking fillers

2)      Gift Bags- the pick and Mix retro bags are the most popular, but we can make them up with any sweets you like in. Take a look in our gift area, but if you can’t see something email us and we’ll make the bags up especially for you 😀

3)      Gift Jars- we have lots of different sized jars, so hopefully we’ve got something for everyone! Again the retro pick and mix jars are the most popular but we can make them with sherbet in, mints liquorice….ok you get the picture with everything!

4)      Bumper sweetie Hampers- a great gift for a sweet-a-holic friend or as a huge bumper family present. Who can resist a huge box of sweets? Errrrrrr no one!

5)      2 pc Chocolate boxes- a great little stocking filler for a chocoholic or as a lovely favour for the Christmas table. We sell a range of different colours and themes

6)      Chocolate Shoe……..every girls dream (sorry boys) Delicious Belgium Chocolate moulded into a Cinderella shoe. Available in a selection of chocolates and designs…..with truffles included.

7)      A box made of chocolate and filled with yummy truffles. A great gift for any truffle lover or perfect as a centre piece for the table.

8)      Personalised Chocolate Bars- another great Stocking Filler decorated with lots of sweets and ABC letters

9)      Chocolate Champagne glasses so you can celebrate in style!

10)   Sugar Mice and Candy Canes- traditional tree decorations and great for stockings!

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