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What’s your favourite Retro Sweet?

We’ve just found another poll and apparently the Aniseed ball is Britain’s favourite retro sweet! We’re not too sure about this one, we agree that Aniseed balls are loved by many, but I can also name a few of our regular customers who would rather they didn’t exist! I suppose you either love or hate liquorice and aniseed sweets.

Other retro sweets like Shrimps and Bonbons featured in the poll, which was carried out by Waitrose. Our range of Bonbons are defiantly the most popular sweet with our customers; children love the newer Apple and Sour Raspberry flavours while anyone my age and up likes Strawberry and Lemon. You can’t beat a good bonbon!

Do you agree that Aniseed Balls are you favourite childhood sweet? If not let us know what you like!

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