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There’s one thing we love about running a sweet shop and that’s all the stories we hear off our customers. Everyone has a favourite childhood memory that revolves around sweets or chocolates. From simple memories of finishing school and running to the corner shop to special moments like Christmas and Easter.

Growing up we can remember tucking into Wham Bars, Refreshers and the delicious Giant Strawberries and Twin Cherries, we used to love how chewy they were. We’d be given 10p once a week to go to the shop and choose from the penny sweets.

I fell in love with Rose and Lemon Turkish Delight as a child partly because of the BBC TV adaptation of the Chronicles of Narnia. I used to love the decadence of opening a box at Christmas as a treat for all the family.

Rhubarb & Custards and Kola Kubes were also favourites as I got older; even now I can remember memories of my childhood as soon as I pop a creamy Rhubarb and Custard into my mouth. I became quite an expert at picking Kola Kubes, I preferred the ones with the chewy centre, but as my taste of developed I now like the hard ones with more of a traditional flavour.

When I opened the shop for the first time back in November 2008 it was great to hear stories from my friends, and see them gasp at sweets like Parma Violets that they hadn’t seen for years. Popping Candy was a focal point for friends and many of my customers as they hadn’t seen the sachets for years. Some people believe that it had been banned; some just thought they’d stopped making the little Popping Nuggets.

I really believe food is an important part of growing up, and although we shouldn’t eat sweets and chocolates everyday it’s really interesting how certain tastes and flavours bring back so many memories. A Sunday Roast can be just as important to us as the flavours of the Rose and Violet Chocolates our Grandparents used to give us at Christmas. So many children will point to the Rose and Violet Creams at Christmas when their parents are buying chocolates; as it’s something they associate with their Grandparents and will undoubtedly remember as they get older.

As we know so many of our customers have great stories about their favourite childhood sweets and chocolates we’re looking for some guest bloggers to write short blogs. If you would like to write a short piece about your favourite childhood sweets, which we can publish on our website we’d be interested in hearing from you. A blog doesn’t have to be long! Usually 250 words is a good size, but it can be shorter or longer.

Please send any blogs or if you’d like any more information please contact Julia – julia@tootsweetschocolates.co.uk

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