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Julia Viani

Award winning Chocolatier Julia Wenlock is passionate about producing the freshest tasting chocolates using a selection of locally produced and sourced ingredients and delicious high quality chocolate including many single origin chocolates from around the world. Based in the Market Hall in Shrewsbury, she makes chocolates from her small kitchen at home and attends Food Fairs and events around Shropshire.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mother, who was a fantastic home cook and passionate about trying new flavours from around the world. Chocolate and other confections have always marked certain aspects of my life; from delicious Milk Chocolate Hens on Easter Sunday, to delicious cubes of Rose and Lemon Turkish Delight at Christmas. Films and television programmes such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chocolate and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe hold special places in my heart the latter because of the Turkish Delight!

I’m passionate about locally produced food, and am lucky to have grown up in Shropshire, such a rich county full of wonderful producers and lots of delicious food. I try as much as possible to use ingredients such as Shropshire Lavender, Honey from Bayston Hill as well as cream and fruit.

As well trying to use as much local sourced or produced ingredients I am passionate about using quality chocolate. Chocolate with a depth of flavour and from reputable sources; like coffee and wine chocolate can unleash an amazing array of flavours and smells. I want my customers to experience flavours they won’t find in mass produced chocolate or from the mass produced chocolates on the market. My chocolates are made using Amedei Chocolate, a beautiful Italian chocolate which is made using the finest Criollo and Trinitario cocoa. I also use Marou which is a relatively new chocolate from Vietnam and the UK supplier is based in Shropshire. From time to time I introduce new chocolates to my range such as the Original Beans Piura Porcelana Organic chocolate to create delicious single origin chocolates full of exquisite flavours and tones.

My dream is to own a shop reminiscent of the Chocolatiers in Chocolat, personal service is really important to me. I love finding out what my customers like and trying out new flavours with them. I would love one day to be able to visit a cocoa farm and directly source the cocoa beans for my chocolates. However, I don’t want my business to become so mass produced my passion is lost. Using the right chocolate and the right ingredients is so important to me. Every chocolate I currently sell is made by me, which means I can control the quality and appearance and make every batch knowing it will be how my customers like their chocolates”

I hope you enjoy my chocolates and please get in contact if you have any questions,

Best Wishes Julia

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