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What Chocolate do we use…..

There is so much to look for when sourcing chocolate, I buy my chocolate in button or slab form, which I then melt down, temper either by hand or in my mini tempering machine and then make beautiful chocolates and truffles from.

Ideally I would eventually like to have a direct relationship with a cocoa farmer and have the equipment to make my own chocolates from cocoa beans. However, until then I get to spend a lot of time trying delicious chocolates from all over the world. Each chocolate is picked for a reason; taste, quality and the company’s ethos/ beliefs.


Italian family business born out of Cecilia Tessieri’s love for chocolate. Cecilia had a desire to find the world’s best cocoa bean to create the most exquisite chocolate. Criollo and Trinitrio cocoa beans are sourced to make their chocolate. Amedei have won numerous awards including several from the London Academy of Chocolate.


The first single-origin artisan chocolate maker from Vietnam, grown locally in small farms scattered throughout the southern provinces of Vietnam, from the low lying Mekong Delta provinces of Ben Tre and Tien Giang to the highlands of Lam Dong and Dak Lak. All the cocoa beans are sourced directly from small farmers who harvest the pods and process them into fermented and dried cocoa beans. The Trinitario variety of cacao tree combined with the unique qualities of the soils where the trees are grown gives Marou its unique flavor.

Original Beans- Piura Porcelana Organic

Discovered by Original Beans in 2007 in the foothills of the Andes, this “forgotten” white cacao, or “Porcelana”, in its original state is ultra-rare and appreciated for its exceptionally vibrant, fruity flavours. Nearly extinct, Original Beans’ collaboration with the regional farmer cooperative has brought this variety back into production. The replanting programme allows local farmers to make the transition from rice to cacao, which is much better for their income and for nature.

Information regarding each chocolate has been research from their websites, links to each website can be found by clicking on the name


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