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Sweetie Nostalgia?

We love chatting to new and old customers in the shop, and a recurring theme to most of our conversations is what sweets we remember as a child. Every customer has a different story about visiting their Grandma’s house and getting spoilt rotten to being constantly told off at school for eating sweeties in class. My favourite story from a customer revolves around gobstoppers. The lady in question always used to buy big gobstoppers to eat in class. Every time she got caught eating her gobstopper the teacher would tell her not to eat any more sweets and to finish the sweet she was eating…..of course gobstoppers tend to last a very long time!

We’ve come across this fab article which talks about how many adults have such emotional attachments to sweets and their packaging. I must admit I love seeing old packaging in museums or on TV. There’s something about how confectionery and cakes were wrapped and there’s a definite difference in size…Whams and Curly Wurly’s! They’ve shrunk…or we’ve got bigger

Do you associate any sweets with particular childhood memories? Or do you miss certain sweets that aren’t available anymore? If I had a pound for every time I was asked about spangles!

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